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Scope: InZone Industries’ migration of 13 analogue sites to a single 3CX server

Product: 3CX 64 Seat Pro

Number of sites: 13

Number of users: 120

A smooth and seamless 3CX transition

When energy efficiency company InZone Industries needed to transition from their old PBX phone system, Ayone Computers managed a smooth and seamless transition to internet-based 3CX. Here’s what InZone Senior Systems Engineer, and Ayone Computers client Thomas Erasmus had to say about the implementation and benefits of 3CX for their business.

Tell us about your business at InZone Industries

We’re an energy efficiency company and like many businesses a great, reliable and effective phone system is integral to our operations. At InZone we help homeowners to create energy savings by retrofitting ventilation, insulation lighting and other solutions – we also provide energy to our One Smart Energy customers. In addition, we manufacture and fit sustainable home insulation.

We operate across 16 branches and use our phone system to stay connected to our customers and between our branches and support office. For our call center in Whangarei our phone system is at the heart of what the team does, linking our business to our customers.

Why did InZone decide to move to 3CX?

There were some very compelling operational reasons to make the move. Before implementing 3CX we still had a physical PBX phone system that offered quite limited functionality. For example, using the old system, when someone called our support office and asked for one of our branches, we weren’t able to put the caller through directly. Instead, we had to give the caller the branch phone number so they could call the branch themselves.

There were also some great cost motivations to choose 3CX. We investigated a few cloud-based systems and chose 3CX because it offered great functionality – and it was also incredibly cost-effective. When we projected the costs of all of the options we were looking at, over a 3-5 year period we found 3CX not only offered significant savings compared to our old system, but it also offered 3-5 times the cost efficiency of other cloud-based systems.

How did the implementation process with Ayone Computers go?

I was impressed with Ayone Computers’ implementation – it was a large project for our business but overall it went very smoothly. We took a staged approach to minimise disruption, rolling it out initially to our support office and then to our branches and call center.

The Ayone Computers team were calm and systematic in their approach and did a great job listening to our business. Different teams had distinct requirements, whereas go-to-inbox functionality was an important requirement for some, others needed to make sure the system was optimised to answer each call in-person.

" Ayone Computers took the time to understand the complexities and responded to these to help everyone get the functionality they needed. "

It was a big leap for many of our team members who were moving from handheld phones to headsets and software. Ayone Computers held training sessions with our teams to make sure everyone was on board and understood how to use 3CX – and the feedback we had from our people was that these were really useful.

Post-implementation, we have between 90-120 users on our 3CX system.

What benefits have you seen post-change?

There have been lots of benefits! Not only has the move allowed us to make cost efficiencies but it’s also given us a much more comprehensive, consolidated view of how much we do spend in this area.

On the operational side, it has allowed our various teams access to a centralised system that has the functionality to respond to their distinct needs.

It’s given our call center the capability to record verbal quote made to customers so that these can be referenced post-call – something the team wasn’t able to do using the old PBX system and a capability that’s important for new business.

3CX has also been great for those of our team members that travel in the course of their work – it allows our team members to be anywhere in the world and to still receive their calls as if they’re sitting at their desks!

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Ethical Investing NZ

Scope: Provide a highly secure IT environment

Product: Microsoft 365 Business Premium + Microsoft 365 Defender for Endpoint

Number of Sites: 1

Number of Users: 7

IT Security

Financial planning company Ethical Investing NZ needed to ensure their IT Systems and data were highly secure. Ayone Computers upgraded the existing M365 tenant from M365 Business Standard to M365 Business Premium. Ayone implemented advanced security and compliance utilizing the following: M365 Intune, Device Management, Advanced MFA authentication and conditional access policies to ensure data and systems were protected against modern cyber-attacks.

Who Are Ethical Investing NZ

Ethical Investing NZ are financial planners who are committed to sustainability and ethical investing as the basis of their financial advice.  Their purpose is simple – to provide clients with clear, good-hearted advice so they can ‘Live Life, On Purpose, With Confidence’.  In doing so, they build long-term relationships with their clients and help guide them to achieve their goals while aligning investments with core values and wanting to make the world a better place. . They are well-respected advisers and were privileged to be a finalist in the inaugural 2021 Mindful Money Ethical Investment Awards.

How We Assisted Them

We focused on upgrading Ethical Investing NZ’s existing Microsoft Office to Microsoft 365 Business Premium with a high level of security applied across all machines, devices and data. We also hosted a group training session where we took the whole team through just how the security protocols on Microsoft 365 work. Our focus was on upskilling the entire team at Ethical Investing on what an effective cybersecurity presence looks like in 2021.

We also assisted in the update of Ethical Investing NZ's Zoho CRM, with SSO (Single Sign On) integration to Microsoft 365. Ayone also onboarded and gave Ethical Investing NZ a direct introduction to working in Microsoft Teams and encouraged MS Teams usage for greater collaboration across the whole company.


Service, Security, Collaboration

  • Ethical Investing NZ has seen great benefit in Ayone’s service due to the greater level of support that they have received from them. From the initial set-up to day-to-day service and resolution of service requests, all have been very beneficial for the company.
  • Of main importance was the implementation of strong IT security protection, which Ayone provided to them.
  • Collaborative needs were also met through the installation and set-up of MS Teams, which made it easier to cooperate together as an organization on multiple projects.

"Ayone have given us the peace of mind that we have the strongest possible security measures in place which is particularly important for our type of business.  We wanted a partnership with an IT company and we certainly feel we’ve got that with Ayone.  They're very quick to respond to any queries, have a very knowledgeable team and are generally great to work with.  We are in a period of substantial growth and change so Greg has been willing to help guide us so we have a cohesive plan with our system developments and is in regular communication to see how things are going. . We were referred to them and we have not regretted the decision to move to them at all. We think they're fantastic."

Suzanne Baldwin, Practice and Client Services Manager

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