Cyber Security

Minimise threats to your business with advanced Cyber Security services.

Cyber Security Compliance

Avoid damage to your brand and loss of productivity due to downtime by implementing Managed  IT cyber security services from Ayone Computers. Ayone will eliminate vulnerabilities across your IT infrastructure.

When you sign up with a Service Contract, you'll receive a Service Level Agreement that outlines what you can expect from our team in terms of proactive IT Management, Cybersecurity, and responsive IT Support you can count on.

Build the cyber resilience you need to grow confidently.

Regular Reporting

Regular reporting and monitoring with alerts on security across your IT systems. Alerts are monitored constantly by our staff who respond quickly and effectively to incidents and threats as they occur to minimise and reduce risk.

Essential Cyber Security Tools

Anti-virus, anti-malware, Ransomware and Advanced Threat Protection, firewalls, file encryption, Mobile Device Management, Azure Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Data Loss Prevention, Patch Management, Archiving and Backups - We've got it covered. 

Endpoint Protection

  • Host-based firewall
  • Hard disk encryption
  • Ransomware prevention
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Monitoring and response to events
  • Host-based intrusion detection and prevention (HIPS)
  • Operations and management of endpoint protection agents

Phishing Testing & Training

Phishing is big business. Users continue to be an easy target for attackers in the cybersecurity defence’s of most organizations, but an army of trained, phishing-aware employees can provide a human firewall against these threats.

Phishing testing and training is designed to help your team change user behaviour and reduce organizational risk through regular, real-world phishing simulations, all backed up with effective training and reporting.

We provide Cyber Security training and Phishing Testing so nothing slips through the cracks.

phishing training for employees nz

Want to know how secure your business really is?

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Ayone Computers team of skilled engineers have the wealth of expertise you need to manage and maintain your IT confidently and effectively. Get in touch with our experts today.

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