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Improve your Cyber Security with Microsoft 365 Business Premium

The Ayone Microsoft 365 Security Silver plan is based on Microsoft 365 Business Premium built in security which provides the framework for a highly secure IT platform. This is achieved by only allowing trusted devices access to your system and data and ensuring strict compliance on who and how you can access that data.

Computers can be migrated to the Microsoft ‘Modern Desktop’ for authentication and all devices come with the latest software installed and updated. All devices and user access are also monitored and maintained.

Monthly maintenance is also taken care for your Office365 environment to implement and improve on the constantly changing cyber risks posed today.

Office365 advanced security features

  • Advanced Endpoint Detection Security (EDR)
  • Managed Windows Security Updates
  • PC Monitoring and Maintenance (Resolution)
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP Email)
  • Unlimited Email Archiving
  • Microsoft ATP Email Protection
  • Office365 tenant security and monitoring/reporting
  • Microsoft 365 Conditional access policies
  • Microsoft365 Advanced MFA
  • Mobile device management
  • Device remote wipe
  • Application Management
  • Desktop Policy Enforcement
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Device File Encryption
  • Office365 Backup
  • User and IT support included costs included
  • SLA and guaranteed response time

Ready to find out more?

If you want more clarification of these programs and packages and want to know how we can help to secure your systems and data please get in touch with us.

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