Microsoft Azure

Flexible IaaS, SaaS and PaaS

What is Microsoft Azure?

When it comes to  Cloud Computing solutions, there are many to choose from and one size rarely fits all. Azure Cloud services that are flexible and that can be used to deploy, develop and host applications. Microsoft Azure can help your organisation get ahead in the Cloud.

Microsoft Azure is formed of an array of integrated Cloud solutions including Infrastructure and application services that Ayone can use use to create, deploy and manage a series of your applications throughout a global network.

Getting Started with Azure

Azure Storage is a Microsoft-managed cloud service that provides storage that is highly available, secure, durable, scalable and redundant. Whether it is backup data images, audio, video office documents and more.

Within Azure there are two types of storage accounts, four types of storage, four levels of data redundancy and three tiers for storing files.

Choosing the correct storage option is important and ensuring access to data needs to be secure as well. Call ayone to see if azure storage is right option for your business

Websites, Application and Existing Servers can all be migrated to Azure. Azure provides a secure framework for uplifting existing on-prem servers and services to the cloud all backed by Microsoft access and Authentication services.

If your unsure where to start or unsure of how much it will cost call ayone and we can help you get started in your cloud migration

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