Why do I have slow internet?

TECH TIP: If there’s one thing your business can do without, it’s slow internet.

Why do I have slow internet?

It’s a common question. Snail-paced internet speed will not only drive you and your staff crazy, it will also impact your company’s ability to stay competitive.  As we see more cloud-based applications like XERO and other online apps enter the market, we see how important it is to ensure your internet speed can meet demand.  You can’t afford to have staff unproductive as they wait for websites to respond.


Did you know you can test the available speed of your internet by heading over to http://www.speedtest.net/.  This nifty website gives you both the (bandwidth available) download speed and upload speed of your current device.

How did you do?  If the download speed is less than 10Mbps or the upload speed is less than 1Mbps then your internet is slow.

If you think you’d like to see things move a little faster, here’s a quick check you can do right now.


An old or overloaded PC/device will be slower to browse websites.  Computers with high CPU/disk usage and poorly spec’d hardware will also perform slower. 

Talk to us about cleaning your system for an all-round faster experience.  Upgrading an old hard drive to a new SSD disk can make your machine significantly faster (and improve browsing speed).

The browser you use also makes a difference.  Did you know Chrome is faster than Microsoft Internet Explorer?  Just be aware that some sites don’t work well with Chrome, so we recommend having both browsers installed.

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