Benefits of VoIP

What’s all the fuss about VoIP?

Heard about VoIP but left wondering what all the fuss is about?  You’re not alone.  While this technology has been around for ages, many offices are unsure about why they should make the switch.

When it comes to installing VoIP, our advice is… go for it.  VoIP is a smart and effective way to get a competitive edge (and save some dollars along the way).

What is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol allows users to make calls via an internet connection, rather than traditional copper phone lines. 

The main appeal of VoIP for businesses is its flexibility, user management and cost savings.

In most cases, there is very little additional hardware or wiring required to set up VoIP.   With potential savings of up to 40% on phone bills, it’s a technology that any smart office should take a serious look at.

Still need convincing? Here are a few things we love about VoIP.

Ditch the pricey phone bills

VoIP calls do not attract the same charges as standard ISDN or analogue calls.  Switching your office calling to VoIP could mean cost savings as great as 40% on calling and up to 400% on the lines.  The image below shows how a recent customer was able to shave $220 per month off their phone bill after switching to VoIP. 

Keep things simple

Traditional PABX office telephone networks require a whole lot of cables running from the street into a large patch panel.  Add to this the network of cables that run between desktop computers and routers and you have a lot of cables, and often a whole lot of confusion.

VoIP networks mean fewer cables as phones are treated as a network device, like a computer or server.  Phones and computers can run from the same wire.

If you’re setting up a new office and you want to get really smart, install a PoE (power over ethernet) solution that allows the IP phone to receive power through the same cable that sends network connectivity. 

That means just one wire for power and networking for phones and computers.  Pretty clever stuff.

Easy updates

VoIP runs off software, this means it’s easy to regularly update via the Internet.  Like anything, keeping ahead of latest technologies helps give a competitive edge. 

VoIP and the virtual office

Running a virtual office is easy with VoIP as offsite computers and phones run off the same network.  A business that operates in multiple locations, or with remote team members, will reap some great rewards by running IP phones.

Other smart features

The VoIP user interface means the functionality is a lot easier and more intuitive than traditional PABX phones (that often require a user manual to navigate the multitude of buttons).  You’ll get improved voice mail storage from a VoIP phone system as well as handy features like being able to customise phone prompts and receive notifications via email.

Should I switch to VoIP?

Whatever your current office setup, there is a good argument for making the switch to VoIP.  If your only interest is to slash your phone bill or you have recently purchased a new PABX, then it’s possible to switch your existing analogue lines to VoIP lines.  If you’re looking for advanced PABX solutions, talk to us about multi-site connectivity and call centre or CRM interfacing features. And if you’re about to set up a brand new office, there’s no excuse not to set up a smart system right from the start.

As internet reliability and connection speeds improve at a rapid rate, there’s no doubt communication technology will improve at the same pace.  Installing a VoIP system now will mean you’re ahead of the pack from the start. 

Ayone provides a whole range of services and call plans to help make small to medium size businesses smarter competitive and efficient.  Embracing new technology helps a business get a competitive edge.  Talk to the Ayone team today if you’d like to know more about installing VoIP at your office..

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